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        林昌利www.suzukicycles.org ALL SUZUKI MOTOCYCLES EVER BUILT
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        林昌利Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
        林昌利Page 1

        Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

        Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!

        '75 Suzuki GT-750 GT750M

        林昌利1975 Suzuki GT750林昌利

        Owner: Larry Martin, Ireland

        Comments: “I'm sending a pic of my '75 GT750M. I have owned the bike for about eight years. It is totally original Candy Red. Even the mirrors have the red S on them.

        It was brought over to Ireland from Arizona dessert where it had been lying in a garage for years.?

        Here's more Suzuki GT750 info.

        林昌利Suzuki GSX1100 E 林昌利 林昌利1983 Suzuki GSX 1100 E林昌利

        Owner: Glenn Wagner, Canada

        Purchased: spring 2001

        Comments: ”1983 GS1100E was a bike ahead
        of its time. Fast and powerful, but a nice cruising
        bike all rolled into one.”

        Here's more Suzuki GSX1100 info.
        林昌利1983 Suzuki GSX 1100 SD Katana林昌利

        Owner: Snorre Kristoffersen, Alta, Norway

        Comments:” I`m very pleased with my Katana but I want better brakes up front. I'm planning to upgrade to a Bandit1200 front end. Want to keep the apperance of the bike as original as possible. I'm sure this bike will be in my possession for a long time. 160,2 bhp at rear wheel.”

        Read more at Snorre's homepage.
        Suzuki RE 5 Rotary

        Here's more pictures of Magnus' RE5.
        林昌利RE5 Rotary 1975林昌利

        Owner: Magnus Hallme, Stockholm, Sweden

        Purchase date: new in 1977
        Modifications: cast alloy wheels, fairing, luggage carrier.
        Comments: ”It's like riding an elephant; it's heavy, reacts slow etc. The engine is not a racer but compared to other engines from that time it has great torque. The fuel economy is OK — 6 to 10 liter per 100 km. The oil comsumption lies around 0,5 liter per 100 km. The engine sound like a lawn mowner, listen to the sound file.”

        Here's more RE5 Rotary info.
        Suzuki GSX750

        Here's more Suzuki GSX750 info.
        林昌利1998 Suzuki GSX750林昌利

        Owner: RoB Sap, Culemborg, Netherlands

        Purchased: May 2001, 7,800 km on the clock (to replace a Bandit 600).

        Mods: BSM Vampire race can for more torque, better sound and ideling. LSL aluminium superbike handlebar and mini flashers. Maybe later a dyno jet kit or a bigger engine.

        Comments: ”Next thing is to get rid of the plastic tail and put the license plate direct under the tail light. It needs a bit thicker oil in the front fork. I also want steel brakelines and a set of crash protectors. Tyres are Pirelli's, pretty good. 23,000 km on the clock now. A good bike for commuting and holiday trips.”
        林昌利Suzuki GSX750
        林昌利1999 Suzuki GSX750林昌利

        Owner: Nigel Paine, Hastings, England

        Purchased: February 1999

        Comments: ”I have done 34,000 miles on it so far and use it for commuting to work, touring holidays and the occasional track day. It's a nice bike but it needs a lot of regular cleaning because the budget build quality doesn't like the winter weather.”

        Here's even larger picture.
        Here's more Suzuki GSX750 info.
        林昌利Suzuki TS185
        林昌利1972 Suzuki TS185 J林昌利

        Owner: Gary Jesswein, USA

        Hopefully Gary will write down some comments of his bike. I thank Gary for even sending my a scanned image of the original sales brochure!

        Here's more Suzuki TS185 info.
        林昌利1986 Kawasaki 1100 J1林昌利 (rebuilt to Suzuki)

        Owner: Maddog Ant, East Midlands, UK

        Mods: GSX-R1100 oil cooled motor fitted with 40mm flatside carbs, stage one dyno, GSX-R1100 front end, the forks extended by 3 inches, 17" GSX-R rims, swingarm, mono shock, wheel & rear break. all the electrics, the clocks etc etc.

        Comments: ”The gearing has been lowered a bit to give it that bye bye R1 thing from the lights & she's putting out 145 bhp at the rear hoop. The bike has only been on the road for just over a year, been building it for many more before that. The next step I think is a turbo-charger, but we will have to see what happens with the B-King. Now that's what I call a bike!!!”
        林昌利1967 Suzuki K10 P林昌利

        Owner: Ian Holmes, North Wales, UK.

        The same Suzuki bikes as in the picture below. This one's taken at the SOC stand in Bristol this year (2002).

        See more pictures and read more about the bebuilding of this K10P on the next page.

        See even Ian's other beautifully restored bikes on pages 43 and 60.

        Here's more Suzuki K10 info.
        林昌利Suzuki K10P, Suzuki GT550, Honda Fireblade林昌利 林昌利1967 Suzuki K10 P林昌利
        林昌利1972 Suzuki GT 550 J林昌利
        林昌利1995 Honda Fireblade林昌利

        Owner: Ian Holmes, North Wales UK.

        Comments: Currently I have three bikes, a Suzuki GT550J and a K10P (1967) and I use one of the enemy for my every day 'hack' — a 1995 Fireblade. The GT550 I've had about 14 years. Used it as every day transport until deciding to rebuild it four years ago - now used in the summer months. It has cost a fortune. See in a small article of it in last Nov/Dec Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine.”

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        Updated: February 23, 2002林昌利

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